Attention: Are the "Knots" In Your Back Driving You Crazy?

"Yes, you really can get rid of your
knots and upper back spasms.
And it's easier than you think!"

My name is Kathryn Merrow. I've been helping people get out of pain since 1992. Over the years as a neuromuscular massage therapist, I have discovered so many natural, logical ways you can get rid of all types of aches and pains, symptoms, syndromes and dysfunctions-including those nasty "knots" in your back.

As The Pain Relief Coach I help people just like you understand WHY they have these knots and spasms in their upper backs. And I share the simple, natural steps you need to be rid of your knots forever.

I'd like to send you my Special Report, as well as the audio recording, of this important information. In this Special Report, "The Five Most Common Causes of Those Miserable Knots In Your Back", you will discover:

  • What causes knots in your back.
  • How trigger points cause knots - and what they are.
  • How to relieve your knots naturally with steps you can start taking right away.
  • Why your back muscles are complaining.
  • How muscles in your neck can cause knots in your back.


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"Five Steps To Get Rid of Those Miserable Knots In Your Back"